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logo beretta clima vendita ricambi per operatori professionali

Beretta commitment is real and aimed at an increasingly eco-sustainable future. This is why, today, Beretta is ErP-Ready, offering centralised and independent heating solutions for any installation requirements and comfort needs. Its comprehensive, ever-growing portfolio includes many ErP-Ready products for all scenarios: replacement, energy retrofits, renovations, new buildings.

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Solutions that are easy to use and yet technologically advanced: this has always been Baxi philosophy, perfectly represented by the wide range of wall hung boilers, floor standing boilers, solar systems, wireless built-in heat boxes, and water heaters that has driven the company to its leadership position in the heating market.

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Passion, efficiency, positivity.
Thanks to a proven technology that makes us a reliable partner, we provide practical, simple, and efficient services with a keen eye on new developments and market trends. We are strongly innovation-driven: for this reason, our products are ever more advanced, sustainable, and ethically committed. Specialization, reliability, and expertise are just some of the many benefits offered by Hermann Saunier Duval. From sales to support, we work with the most qualified partners and demanding users, offering fast and efficient services.

logo vaillant vendita ricambi per operatori professionali

We have been present on the heating market for 138 years: our solutions and intelligent systems often opened the way for new developments that ultimately improved home comfort. Whether it’s heating systems, solar, or geothermal, we always strive to find the best way to use energy, channel it and transform it to provide maximum comfort. All Vaillant products have something in common: a perfect balance of effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility

logo sylber vendita ricambi per operatori professionali

The history of Sylber begins in 1961 with the production of the first water heater. Afterwards, the company established itself as an historic Italian brand for water heaters, specialized in the production of hot water. In 1971, the company moved from hand-crafting to industrial manufacturing, with automated lines and the development of its production unit. In 1984, Sylber adds wall boilers to its portfolio. When the company joined Gruppo Riello in 1999, Sylber was able to expand its catalogue of wall boilers by leveraging the group’s know-how and the increased internationalization. Today, Sylber celebrates its 50-year history, confirming its vocation as a specialist in the production of hot water.

logo Ferroli vendita ricambi per operatori professionali

As a leading presence on the international markets, the company can offer a wide range of products for hot water, superheated water, steam, diathermic oil, and solid fuel. Ferroli Riscaldamento Industriale has a project-centric approach. A team of professionals is able to meet each customer’s needs using the best manufacturing technologies and the best materials, and adopting processes that comply with the EN standards. All products are CE certified and approved in several countries. Production at Ferroli facilities is very flexible, allowing the company to meet a wide variety of needs: from simple heating systems to sophisticated plants for district heating and manufacturing facility heating.

logo MTS group vendita ricambi per operatori professionali

MTS Group is a global leader in the production and sale of a full range of services and systems for heating and water heating. The company aims at improving the quality of comfort by offering high-tech products that guarantee quality and efficiency with a low environmental impact.

logo chaffoteaux vendita ricambi per operatori professionali

With its almost 100-year-long history of innovation in domestic heating, Chaffoteaux is committed to developing a range of products and services designed to simplify the work of professionals. Chaffoteaux solutions for heating and hot water production are multi-energy, affordable, and eco-efficient. The company offers multi-energy heating and hot water production systems that integrate the latest technological innovations in terms of environmental protection and energy saving. In order to meet to the new environmental requirements, Chaffoteaux has evolved its product lines to offer increasingly effective solutions:
– For new buildings, to meet the latest thermal regulations
– For renovations, to improve the energy performance of the building

logo riello vendita ricambi per operatori professionali

Leader in the production and sale of domestic and commercial condensing boilers, conventional boilers, and solar thermal systems, Riello offers breakthrough technologies for cutting-edge thermal units and air conditioning systems, and is committed to setting new standards in terms of efficiency, energy consumption reduction, and environmental awareness.

logo robur vendita ricambi per operatori professionali
This entirely Italian company develops and manufactures heating systems with high efficiency and low environmental impact. Among these, gas absorption and renewable energy heat pumps are a qualified, high-value and cost-competitive alternative for apartment buildings, firms, offices, public spaces, and commercial properties. This technology is also recognized as one of the most promising by the European Commission, which supports it and funds it within the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. The company is highly focused on the development of innovative technologies, investing 7% of its turnover in R&D and product industrialization.
logo apen group vendita ricambi per operatori professionali

Apen Group, a leading manufacturer of heating and air conditioning systems, has been working in air conditioning since 1967.
In 1991, the merger of the two companies, Thermovür and Aermax, brought the current group company APEN GROUP SPA to life, with the precise meaning “Group of Companies for New Energies”.
Design, manufacture and marketing of products for air conditioning of buildings that are distinguished by high quality and attention to the environment.
The Apen Group is committed to supporting research and development of products that ensure low emissions, high efficiency and low energy consumption, ensuring optimum conditions of heating and air conditioning in all environments, from homes to large industries.

logo savio vendita ricambi per operatori professionali

The well-being and comfort of the home environment are the focus of our daily commitment. Savio is at the forefront in the search for energy efficiency and improvement of technological solutions, because it has always focused its business on domestic and residential heating.
Since 1984 the mission of Savio was clear and led us to realize boilers and integrated systems of high quality, as evidenced by authoritative international bodies of certification and several exclusive patents that state our standards.
In Savio quality means not only technology, but also functional and ergonomic design and especially an efficient and widespread service.
All this translates to offering the customer a full range of gas boilers and solar heating systems and sanitary water systems.

logo Immergas vendita ricambi per operatori professionali

Immergas is the number one Italian company for manufacturing and marketing of condensing boilers since 2002 and before that for conventional gas boilers.
The position reached by Immergas in several European countries in innovative boilers is accompanied by the growing emphasis on the production of hybrid systems developed for domestic use. Immergas focuses on electronically controlled systems which choose the most profitable energy source intelligently from among condensing boilers, heat pumps, solar panels and photovoltaic system for heating or cooling air with minimal power consumption.

logo accoroni vendita ricambi per operatori professionali

A28 Accorroni E.G is a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling systems. Air treatment and renewable energy for residential buildings, shops, offices and industrial buildings
Initially, the company stood out in the heating sector and over a short period of time became a leading manufacturer of hot air generators and gas radiators characterised by high quality and innovative technology.
Subsequently, thanks to significant investments in research and development, A2B Accorroni EG enters the field of production of heaters, air mixers, fan coils and heat pumps distinguishing itself as one of the most important companies in the air conditioning sector in both Italy and Europe.
The continuous evolution of the organisational structure tends to make more efficient and direct technical interface with the customer providing them prompt and comprehensive response, in line with the achievement of Total Quality Management as a competitive factor in business success.

logo arca caldaie vendita ricambi per operatori professionali

The company was founded in 1971 with an objective to offer high quality products with advanced and reliable technological solutions to the problems of civil and industrial air conditioning, with any type of fuel.
It also recommends products and services related to boiler-system combination to clients with the aim of minimising fuel consumption and operating costs not only of the generator but of the system as a whole.

logo biasi vendita ricambi per operatori professionali

The world of Biasi originated in heating sector and has achieved success in the sector of radiators and industrial boilers in the past. It then grew in the field of residential heating systems by introducing cast iron and wall mounted products to its range. Its current catalogue consists of systems capable of meeting any request.
Today, Biasi is present in over 40 countries covering all the continents and supporting each customer with care and dedication. Thanks to a network of professional partners, it offers the most advanced technological solutions and consulting services for making a reliable choice and providing a secure installation. Designing, manufacturing, assistance and service: the world of Biasi is within reach.